Custom Framing Solutions in Alexandria, VA


Art is meant to be displayed, but improper display materials can cause more problems than you might think. If you have a treasured photo or painting that you want to protect, archival framing is the answer.

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Why Should You Choose Custom Framing?

The art that you choose to hang in your home speaks volumes to the unique personality of your home’s interior. Your art deserves to be preserved in a resilient frame that can withstand common bumps. At Picasso Gallery, located in Alexandria, VA, we have a wide selection of materials that can be used to create your very own custom frame.


With custom framing solutions from Picasso Gallery, you can rest assured that your artwork will look beautiful behind one of our reliable frames.


Custom Framing and Outstanding Service


At Picasso Gallery, we understand that not every piece of art comes in a straightforward size. That’s why we offer our services to help you create the perfect custom frame that can match the look and feel of your art and your home. We use only the highest quality of materials so that your new custom frame is built to last.


Our top priorities are always your satisfaction and the safety of your artwork. That’s why we will follow your exact specifications and dimensions to create your custom frame so that it can protect your artwork. Every piece of art is unique and carries a unique story, so we offer a wide selection of styles and colors of frames so that you can find the one for you.


We offer affordable prices on all of our framing services, and if you experience any issues with your frame, our customer service team is ready and able to help resolve any concerns. Whether you need a large frame for a mural or a small frame for a delicate piece of art, we have the custom frames to meet your needs.


Friendly Artwork and Framing Experts


As a family-owned and -operated business, we are eager to help you find the perfect custom frame for your home. We have over 3,000 different frames currently in stock for you to choose from, and one of our friendly framing experts can help you find the frame that will match your home. To learn more about our services and our custom frames, give us a call at 202-232-0021.

What Is Archival Framing?

Other art framing companies, including well-known chains and craft stores, use standard wood paper to mat and frame artwork. Unfortunately, mats made with wood-pulp paper can leach acid into the artwork, deteriorating the art and causing discoloration. Picasso Gallery uses only cotton rag mats to ensure that no acid leaches into your artwork. That’s what we mean when we say we offer archival framing.

Picasso Gallery wants to help you keep your art protected while still displaying it proudly in your home. And with our free delivery and pickup services, we make finding the right frame even easier. When you choose our framing services, you’ll only get quality frames and excellent customer service.

To learn more about our custom framing services or to discuss your framing needs, call us or come visit one of our two DC locations:

  • Dupont Circle: 202 232 0021
  • Tenleytown: 202 363 6465