Framed prints, posters, and artwork can completely change the mood and feeling in a room for the better. Choosing a proper matte and frame for artwork takes a lot of time and you may feel overwhelmed with the options based on size and style. Instead of second-guessing yourself or becoming too stressed, you have the opportunity to work with professionals.

An in-home frame consultation expands beyond just picking the custom frame. Professionals can have a clear view of your home and the areas where you want to hang items up at. Check out some of the advantages that come with these consultations and ways to have a final design that matches your vision.

1. Natural Light & Glare

An in-home expert will have the opportunity to see where the natural light flows into your house. Natural light can impact the way frames and artwork looks inside the design. If you have a wall with a lot of natural light, an in-home consultant may choose a lighter or darker frame that will stand out more.

The consultant may recommend a wall with less natural light so prints can stand out. The impact of natural light could also impact the type of glass used on the frame. For example, you may want to opt for a frame with anti-glare properties. The anti-glare design will help you see the whole design of your photos or art at any time of the day.

The frame glass may also include UV protection. When you expose pictures or artwork to a lot of UV light, you run the risk of faded colors. With UV protected glass, the prints will not fade over time and can look just as vibrant as when you first got them.

2. Room Aesthetic

An in-home consultation won’t just help you pick out a frame. Your consultant will recommend the best locations to hang the frames based on the room layout. For example, they will recommend if you should center the frame in the room and how high on the wall you should hang the frame.

Their design experience will help ensure the new frames fit into the room’s aesthetic. In some rooms, a thicker frame may look better on the wall. If the room has a more modern aesthetic, then they may recommend a thin frame to match other designs. A tour of the room will give them a better understanding of what really fits and goes with the space.

3. Specialty Posters & Frames

If you have a home theater or living room where you want to hang movie posters, then an in-home consultation can help you pick the best locations. The location will help you decide where to place the movie poster on the wall and if you should use any type of specialty frame.

For example, light-up frames are popular for movie posters and often duplicate the style seen at actual movie theaters. During an in-home consultation, a frame specialist can help you pick the best location for these special frames based on the room design and the available outlets.

4. Pick Up & Delivery Services

Part of your in-home design services may include pickup and delivery. For example, you can have your prints ready at home and show them off at the consultation. The consultant can take the prints with them to complete the framing process. Once done, they can bring the framed prints back to your home.

With this process, you don’t need to worry about any frame or print damage during the transportation. Your frame consultant will likely have extra accessories and protective gear to ensure the prints remain in mint condition. They can also showcase the areas they discussed hanging during the initial consult.

Schedule your in-home consultation with us at Picasso Gallery Custom Framing. Your custom framed projects can completely transform your home for the better and create a unique look in every room of your home.