In-Home Custom Framing

If you own a painting, print, poster, or any other wall-hanging piece of art that you’re very attached to, you need to make sure it’s protected and well-presented. One of the most important factors of this is the framing, and in-home custom framing is the best way to ensure that your precious art is kept safe and beautiful. Contact Picasso Gallery today for in-home custom framing services.

The Importance of Custom Framing

Everyone knows that framing is important, but many people don’t understand the importance of custom framing. Anyone can buy a frame and try to fit their art inside, but if the size isn’t right or an unexpected problem arises, you might be unable to proceed. For this reason, most people choose to protect their art with stylish custom framing.

Custom framing from professionals ensures that your art is presented in a beautiful manner and that it is kept safe from potential harm. However, you should try to transport your art as little as possible, as every time you move your art, you face the risk of damage, so any service that allows you to minimize the risk to your art and entrust it to professionals is worthwhile.

In-home custom framing involves professionals that visit your home during the framing process. This means that the risk to your art is minimized and the framing professional can adapt the frame to the aesthetics of your home, bringing out its fullest potential. In short, in-home custom framing allows you to keep your art safe and enhance its style.

Picasso Gallery Quality

Picasso Gallery is a family-owned business with decades of experience providing quality custom framing services in the Washington, DC, area. We focus not only on providing the highest-quality frames but also on carefully working on the corner joints and mounting to create a clean, quality product. For more information, give us a call today at 202 232 0021 to speak with a member of our team.